Price 800. -/hour , minimum 2 hours. 10 images delivered, high definition, on a usb memory , price 1350 . – If you want more pictures, price according to agreement . Photographer Green makes the initial selection of images that the client can choose from Once the images are selected , we processed the images with color and contrast, as well as a basic retouching. In case of extensive retouching theres an additional charge per image. High resolution images are delivered on a usb memory with “free right of use ” , the client has the right to dispose the material for their own account. Price excl . tax.



Picture collage of different numbers of images with or without text , 3 different layout proposals, price 400. – . For more suggestions , price 200.-/proposal.



Price from 3.950 . – More info can be found under Portfolio / Hardcover book



Price from 1.150 . – More info can be found under Portfolio



Plexi panels can be ordered in different sizes , price acc. customer’s desired measurements



More info coming soon

When ordering plexi panels, PVC panels, canvas prints , and hardcover book , the following : After client approval of materials is no return or exchange rights.




All prices are incl. VAT (not applicable to business photography )

Mileage rates, 40.-/mil

Photographer C Green has full exclusive acc. copyright law in all photographic material

With F-tax

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